Path to Vitality Clinic

Is a place where people can come to be supported in their journey to true vitality. Its philosophy is based on being an individual and looking at different aspects of a person’s well-being by:

  • Using colonic hydrotherapy to help clean up and heal the gut.
  • Looking at Body Ecology nutrition to help gain a better understanding of personal nutritional needs.
  • Different massage techniques to help eliminate soreness, tiredness, or build-up of waste.
  • Relaxation techniques of Reiki to help gain a place for quiet healing and reflection.
  • A variety of workshops on fermented food and beverages, Body Ecology cooking classes with no grains, dairy or sugars, Reiki techniques and Healthy lifestyles.
  • Health Evening talks bi-monthly with different speakers on aspects of health. Our aim is to support, teach and empower so everybody can reach their true vitality by walking along the path together.

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