Cultured Goodness

Our Fermented Vegetables are made with all organic ingredients with the added benefit of Body Ecology Culture and Kefir starters. These cultures compliment the beneficial bacterias already present in our products, which are full of probiotic enzymes, minerals, good amino acids and magnesium. We also incorporate the Body Ecology. Ecobloom as a prebiotic. Together, these ingredients will help to heal, restore and build a digestive system enabling us to digest absorb and gain a healthy gut.

Fermented Food and Beverages

A good variety of both cultured fermented vegetables, vegetable juices, fermented coconut yogurt and fermented coconut Kefir will help give the digestive system and gut what it needs to start the healing process and gain great health. There are four different flavours of cultured fermented vegetables and juice all chosen for their healing properties.