Path to Vitality Clinic

Is a place where people can come to be supported in their journey to true vitality. Its philosophy is based on being an individual and looking at different aspects of a person’s well-being by:

  • Using colonic hydrotherapy to help clean up and heal the gut.
  • Looking at Body Ecology nutrition to help gain a better understanding of personal nutritional needs.
  • Different massage techniques to help eliminate soreness, tiredness, or build-up of waste.
  • Relaxation techniques of Reiki to help gain a place for quiet healing and reflection.
  • A variety of workshops on fermented food and beverages, Body Ecology cooking classes with no grains, dairy or sugars, Reiki techniques and Healthy Lifestyles.
  • Health Evening talks bi-monthly with different speakers on aspects of health. Our aim is to support, teach and empower so everybody can reach their true vitality by walking along the path together.
  • Path to Vitality Clinic is a service provider for Sweet Louise, a charitable organisation that provides strategies, therapies, services and support for New Zealand women and men living with secondary breast cancer. Swedish Massage and Reiki are two of the services we can provide to Sweet Louise members.


Our Practitioners

Muiread Douglas

Colonic Hydrotherapy, Body Ecology Nutrition and Reiki







Owen Nickle


I trained to be a clinical hypnotherapist at the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. I entered hypnotherapy because of a strong desire to help myself and others to live extraordinary and healthier lives.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to make positive changes in your life, regarding habits, behaviours, fears or beliefs. Paving the way for you to achieve more of the results you want in your life. Hypnotherapy brings a single focus to the mind.

I specialise in Clinical Hypnotherapy to help people lose weight, quit smoking and overcome PTSD or phobias.

Astrid Bunne Namdari

Shiatsu and Somatic Movement Therapy & Education

I undertook studying and training in Psychology, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Shiatsu, Counselling, Community Wellness and Scriptures of world religions. I believe we never stop learning about ourselves, others and the world around us through the relationships we create, maintain and lose throughout life.

Both Shiatsu and Somatic Movement therapy are disciplines of listening – through conscious dialogue and the means of touch. The body holds a natural intelligence which is greater than our conscious mind is able to comprehend. I accompany my clients on a journey of self education and increased awareness.

When we are more familiar with the diverse aspects of ourselves on all levels, conscious and subconscious, we begin to find inner integration and strengthen our sense of self and our relationships with others.















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Astrid Bunne Namdari Shiatsu and Somatic Movement Therapy & Education