Health Evening – Movie Club & Talk

Starting again Monday the 12th of October 2020 at 6:30 – 8 pm.

Would you like to join us for an enjoyable night that includes an educational health movie and discussion afterwards, if so come along to our clinic!

Entry Koha and refreshments are available to purchase.

Our monthly health evening talks have been successful in bringing people together on various topics of health.

The Health Evening Talks for 2020 are going to be no exception as we have various speakers talking about many different health subjects.

What you will get, Yummy healthy food, an average of 3 different speakers, lovely surroundings and the chance to inter-react with the speakers and other people who come along.


Please phone (07 460 1575) or email ([email protected]) to register your interest for our next class.



Fermenting Workshop

  • Saturday, September 26th 10 am – 2 pm
  • Held at Path to Vitality Clinic, 1200 Hinemoa Street Rotorua.
Come along have some fun and learn the wonderful way of fermenting food and beverages.

Fermented food is an age-old way of preserving food and beverages. By adding a Body Ecology Culture Starter or Kefir Starter along with a Prebiotic Body Ecology Eco Bloom, we are adding the goodness of probiotics, millions of good bacteria’s, enzymes and minerals along with many more benefits.

Cultured vegetables, Fermented juices, Fermented Yogurt and Fermented Coconut Kefir help our digestive system, stop bloating, curb sugar cravings and keep our gut feeling healthy and happy.


Please phone (07 460 1575) or email ([email protected]) to register your interest for our next class.




Reiki Level 1

  • Held at Path to Vitality Clinic, 1200 Hinemoa Street Rotorua.
Reiki is a hands-on healing treatment that helps recognise blockages being held in the body either physical or emotional. Reiki will help to remove the blockages and give understanding to why they are being stored.




Reiki Level 2

  • Starting at 6 pm on Friday the 30th  and finishing at 4 pm on Sunday the 1st of November.


Please phone (07 460 1575) or email ([email protected]) to register your interest for our next class.

Power of Eight

roup will meet at Path to Vitality Clinic
Commitment Cost $10 per week donated to a local charity


Owen our clinic hypnotist is looking for about nine people. (not to hypnotise) He is looking for those interested in forming an experimental POWER OF EIGHT healing group. The evidence of the healing effect of these groups undeniable, hugely beneficial to both the recipient and those sending the healing intention.
Lynne Mc Taggart’s first book The Intention Experiment portrayed her as a science-minded journalist and sceptic, expecting her research to lead to the obvious conclusion, that our focused thoughts can not influence the world around us, thereby exposing such practitioners as possible charlatans.
McTaggart started her experiments having thousands of participants from around the globe all focusing their intention on plants, and after the unexpected positive results, eventually moved her attention to the very sick and later to the realisation that smaller groups of eight worked just as well as larger intention groups. Which is explained in a later book of hers called THE POWER OF EIGHT. It will only require about an hour of your time a week. We have included a youtube link below so Lynne can explain in her own words. Please email Owen if you have questions or would like to be shortlisted for the group, Please indicate clearly times and days that do not suit you and a couple of preferences.
Please use power of eight in the subject line, Owen’s address is [email protected]






















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